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Cost Per Open (CPO) Email Marketing

Cost Per Open (CPO) Email Marketing What is  cost per open   (CPO) Model CPO (cost per open) is the amount of money the advertiser is willing to pay per email opened or read by the recipient. Keep in mind that Cost per open only counts Unique Opens for performance measurements and billing. The CPO is cost effective email marketing solution since you do not have to worry about the other factor. Why Open Rates of emails campaign so important? A higher email open rate means more number of emails being opened by the audiences. Open rates are an important measurement metrics to understand the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign. Since you only have to pay each sent email. Cost per Open Campaign model Vs Cost per Email model Our Cost per Open campaign model is preferred by most clients who have already used the Cost per Email campaign models in the past and now want to expand their service or product marketing across a targeted group of prospective audience
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How to send 1 Million Emails per day

How to send 1 Million Emails per day Email marketing  is a powerful tool for engaging and retaining customers/subscribers to help your business to grow. But  how to send 1 Million Emails per day  or a large number of volume emails quantity i.e. 1M+ emails per day with at a minimum cost with good open rate?, Almost every email marketer looking for this answer hence we are come with some good point and tips which you have to follow. Key Factor For Selecting Any Email Service For Sending 1M Emails Per Day. System Capability Accuracy Pricing Different way to send 1 Million Emails per day Send Marketing Emails on Monthly Rental or Pay per Use Basis You can find 100 of email service provider for sending email based on a monthly rental basis. Or pay per use model. This service charge you based on following Based on per email basis Based on your subscriber list You can. setup your own email servers for sending large volume emails

Top 10 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts Tips

Top 10 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts Tips Email Marketing DO’S Do use valid email address Do use signatures in your email content Do uses catchy Subject Line Do increase email sending volumes gradually Do use unsubscribed link Email Marketing DON’TS Don’t do spamming Don’t send generic emails Don’t use only HTML version or only Text Version Don’t uses big attachments Don’t send too emails without Encryption Source: :  Top 10 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts Tips